Liv's Beehive has shut down

My old fedi instance,, has now been permanently shut down and removed from the internet.

If you're looking to follow me, you can find me on my new instance at

Why did I shut it down?

The old instance was hosted on Fedi Monster, which charges a small monthly fee in exchange for hosting an instance and taking care of things like updates and maintenance.

In early 2024, the admin of Fedi Monster announced they were looking to step away and hand the service over to someone else. Since it didn't seem like anyone was taking over, I was concerned about the future of the service and wanted to move away.

I migrated my account to a friend's instance but didn't get on with iceshrimp, the alternative to mastodon that was running there.

I decided I wanted to run my own instance again, so as a test I set up running on a Raspberry Pi in a cupboard in my home office. Once I was sure it could handle the load, I migrated to it, and that's where I stayed.

I downloaded an archive of all my posts from, so they aren't lost. Someday I may host them somewhere (or import them into my new instance).